Sales Force Automation

Sales Force Automation

Sales Force Automation

A Complete Enterprise Mobility Solution

Gain a competitive advantage by replacing inefficient and error-prone paper forms with automated mobile solutions that boost productivity and increase revenue. Our code-free enterprise mobility platform enables businesses to easily create, deploy and administer sophisticated custom mobile applications. Our intuitive point & click system eliminates time-consuming and expensive custom coding and includes the management tools necessary for a successful mobility project.


Our pre-built mobile applications

Our system can be used to create customer mobile applications for any business, in any industry. In addition, we have several pre-built mobile solutions that have already helped our customers automate:   

-   Direct Store Delivery and Distribution processes  

-   Field Service Operations  

-   Field Sales / Sales Order Entry  

-   Proof of Delivery

and much more...


Key benifits of going mobile

Paper-based processes are inefficient and error-prone. Adopting an electronic solution will boost productivity and efficiency while reducing costs. Some general benefits of mobile solutions include:  

-   Increase number of jobs performed, customers visited, etc  

-   Eliminate manual data entry and data transcription errors, reducing clerical data entry costs  

-   Provide real-time access to data in the field, ensuring workers have the information they need, when they need it  

-   Reduce invoice and accounts receivable lag time

-   Improve customer service

-   Increase time spent in the field by eliminating the need to return to the office to complete paperwork

-   Increase efficiency and productivity of field workers


Benefits only our Mobile Solutions can provide

Our enterprise mobility platform also provides a variety of benefits unmatched by other mobile technology vendors including:  

-   Eliminates costly and time-consuming custom coding efforts -   Easily integrates to backend systems via our Integration Wizard  

-   Easily deploy mobile applications to multiple departments and/or in multiple languages  

-   Automatically supports mixed device environments (some workers using laptops while others use handhelds, etc); build your mobile application once and it will work on all devices. This means you have only a single code-base to support even in mixed device environments.  

-   Manage all devices in the field from a single screen
-   Post data directly to the web for review by workers, customers, etc

Inovative Features of Our Platform

Our platform was built to be a complete enterprise mobility solution with all the tools and features that a successful mobile solution requires. A basic list of features is included below or you can click the links on the left for more in-depth information:

GPS Tracking & Mapping

Know exactly where your mobile workers are and what they are doing. See your entire mobile workforce on a single map with markers for important customers or other points of interest.

Mobile Device Management

With our system, administrators have precise control over all devices in the field from remotely updating/installing software to actually taking remote control of the device. Device power, location, memory utilization, messaging, alerts, synchronization status and all other critical device status information can be remotely monitored and controlled for all devices on the system. This eliminates the need to purchase costly mobile device management and remote device control software.

Secure Instant Messaging

Our Solutions has a compliant & secure instant messaging built-in. Using our instant messaging, office staff can send instant messages to mobile workers and vice versa.

Automatically Update Devices in the Field

Mobile devices can be updated without recalling them from the field. Simply select and attach any update files and the updates will be sent to the device and applied automatically. We not only automatically update our software in the field, but also other third party and operating system software as well.

Code-Free Mobile Application Development

Our solution uses a simple Point & Click interface that allows users to create custom mobile applications without custom programming. Our system simplifies and/or eliminates the complexities of creating mobile applications, so even non-technical business users can create sophisticated custom mobile solutions. Automatic version control is built-in.

Simplified Integrations via our Integration Wizard

With most mobility projects, integrating to backend systems is a huge hassle and common point of failure. Hard-coded solutions and other "platform" vendors require complex coding efforts to integrate your mobile "solution" to backend systems. With our Integration Wizard your integrations will be up & running in a fraction of the time.

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