Warehouse Management

Warehouse Management

Warehouse  Management

One of an important Auto ID application is the real-time inventory solution. Previously, the warehouse management system was developed with the popular way where people use scanners connected to data center by cable and upload data into the system. Nowadays, in response to growing demand, using old method will take time and asynchronous data promptly. Now companies tend to be more and more closely connecting their branches worldwide so they need a better way.

Respond to new demands, Viet A companies provides solutions to manage inventory in real time for customers seeking to achieve a high level of management. In a closed system of wireless coverage within the enterprise, data collected from the workshops are transmitted directly to the central processing system, which is fast data processing at the level of synchronization for the whole system and links worldwide.

System includes:

-   Wireless System (Access point, access port, switch, mesh connectivity)

-   Equipment inventory (barcode scanner function)

-   Software (on Hand-held unit) used to scan and transmit data collected real-realtime

-  A server and Collected data serving software used to convert data then push to the system of customer

Key functions:

-   Management of Vendor/Supplier

-   Good receiving

-   Create and manage Item master, category, … based on requirement from your business

-   Import / export management

-   Inventory

The deployment of this system depends on the warehouse, infrastructure of the customer, the level of product applications. For an optimal solution, Viet A technologies companies honored to be working with customers for specific projects.

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