Management Restaurant - Food Court

Management Restaurant - Food Court

Management  Restaurant - Food Court


OneES FnB Solutions POS solutions for managing overall restaurant business:

From the sales system, ordering "OneES FnB " to the restaurant management system "OneES FnB" management system and chain of restaurants "OneES FnB Enterprise". Allow expansion Restrictions restaurant system and integrate all management tools necessary.


Order (ordering) by POS touchscreen or PDA.

Ordering information automatically sends to the kitchen, bar and will be print by POS printer or display order on screen (KDS).

Show map visual areas with the colors, making it easier to order status and billing.

Allows operations like: Transfer table, desk transplantation, split hand, split invoices and canceled receipts, canceled items, …

Simple interface, user-friendly, ensuring everyone can easily use the POS.



Configuration management and cost reduction programs, encourage cane, lottery customers.

Managing and updating customer information, rate cards and membership cards (cards, silver, gold, platinum ...)

Management history of consumer customers.

Integrated management program for the client after each use the card to eat at the restaurant.

Management of allocation and access the gift card (voucher), discount coupons (Coupon) for loyalty based on historical consumption.

Report details loyalty by sales, trading, ...



Automatically receive and display content on screens installed in order kitchen and cooking section.
Automatic updates and status display cooking, preparation and cooking.





Portfolio management of orders and delivery plan.

Delivery management team and updated after delivery.

The report details the activities of delivery.

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Allow multiple payment instruments such as: cash, credit cards (Visa, Master Card debit,...), (Debit) Card purchase (Voucher), Coupon (Coupon ),...

Allows multiple currencies like USD, USD, EURO, ...

Allow multiple payment means thanh toán cho một hóa đơn.



The report analyzes business results by industry, goods, commodities, food over time (hours, days, weeks, months, years).

Report-selling dishes with corresponding sales.

Support in the form of report or chart sheet (Signboard).

Business Analysis Report

Performance report sales / revenue policies to encourage good reward. Report on performance / revenue for each restaurant (chain model).

Report seafood, look down management reasons, delivery.

Report loss by the sale of goods, creating dishes, ... compared with the standard (optional).

Ca sales last report, the last day.

Report on cash management, the payment of the cashier.

Report of the VAT system and the reports of the loyalty module, purchasing / receiving, warehouse management, delivery (If using a module delivery - Home delivery).


 TP.Flavor POS System Solution includes:


Management System of sale (OneES FnB ) with: Air Touch POS (Beetle Fusion) / PDA / PDT for order entry, billing and order printer in the kitchen or bar.

Display system in the kitchen and processing areas (OneES Kitchen Display System).

Business management system at the office (OneES Manager).

Management system delivery (OneES Purchasing / Receiving Good).

Warehouse management system and quantified (OneES Inventory).

Management System loyalty (OneES Loyalty).

System management staff (Staff Attendance / Commission).

Management System kitchen (OneES Central Kitchen).

Quantitative management system / products created in the center (Central OneES Recipe).

Management System restaurant chain (OneES Enterprise).

Reporting systems and SMS messaging systems.

* Advantages:

Automate the entire business.

Business data accuracy and instant updates.

Reduced cargo loss, speed, quality customer service.

Configuration management and business policy focusing distance for the restaurant chain.

The system reports a detailed analysis and visualization.


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